Matcha Green Tea Powder Amazing Health Benefits Everyone Should Know

Matcha Green Tea Powder Amazing Health Benefits Everyone Should Know

Going through Matcha Tea Benefits will convince everyone that we have a new player in super foods category, It is a very popular green tea and an integral part of the Japanese Tea Ceremony for over 900 years. This natural powder originated in China during the 9th Century and widely valued for its medicinal properties. This Natural Powder is also called the ‘health elixir’ for its ability to improve metabolism and raise concentration power. While the list of wonderful properties of this natural super food is endless, following are the most important health benefits to consider for making this a part of regular diet regime.

1. Antioxidant Value for Anti Aging

According to the studies conducted by the Brunswick Labs, Organic Matcha has about 1573 units per gram of antioxidant value, the highest you can get from any other food source. After conducting the ORAC (oxygen radical absorption capacity) test, the research panel at the Tufts University revealed that this organic powder has 20 times more antioxidants than that found in pomegranates and blueberries. These antioxidants can give far better results to protect the body from cell damages and free radical formation, free radicals are molecules that have lost an electron, the loss makes them reactive and they begin to covet their neighboring molecules, this process causes further reactions leading to a chemical change in the molecule and in this phase a genetic mutation may occur resulting in a cancer gene being switched on.

2. Several Advantages for the Weight Loss Program

It has very low calorie so it can be a part of the low calorie diet for weight loss. This natural tea has four times more power to improve the metabolism and fat burning process in the body. Consuming this drink for metabolism is a reasonable decision as it keeps the heart rate and the blood pressure under control during the process. It also plays crucial role in boosting thermogenesis- the rate of burning calories within the body naturally. The multiple Matcha Benefits for weight loss include:

  • Induces greater fat burning ability of the body by utilizing more energy in the process
  • Increases the energy expenditure even during the state of rest from 8% - 10% to 35% -43%
  • Helps to improve metabolism for burning more calories during the entire day
  • Perfect addition to the low calorie diet
  • Does not stimulate the blood pressure or the heart rate during the fat burning process

3. Relaxation and Brain Health

Green tea leaves have a good store of L-Theanine amino acids helpful for generating alpha waves in the body to restore it to the state of relaxation. This induced state of relaxation of the mind and the body helps to improve the functioning of the brain making it healthier. It reduces stress and relaxes the brain by increasing alpha wave activity. Alpha waves are those that occur when a person is awake and relaxed.

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4. Improve Concentration and Memory Power

Japanese Monks considered drinking the natural Japanese tea powder beneficial to improve their concentration during the meditation practices. The L-Theanine amino acids are also helpful for boosting the memory power and very good for people who want to improve their learning abilities. The healthy caffeine content in this form of organic tea is completely safe and does not regulate any nervous stimulation or negative side effects. Research also demonstrates that L-theanine mightt play and important role in cognition, an electrophysiological study published in 2007 issue of Clinical Neuropharmacology confirmed that it enhanced focus during demanding intellectual activities by increasing alpha waves.

5. Excellent for Daily Body Detox

The green verdant shade of the hand picked green tea leaves is due to the high store of chlorophyll content. This chlorophyll is wonderful for the body and acts as a natural detoxifier in the body. The regular intake of this beverage helps to cleanse the body of heavy metal concentration and toxic chemicals. This kind of regular natural detox is safe for the body and the brain and helps in lowering the stress levels. Chlorophyll helps to detoxify your body by connecting with free radicals and turning them into neutral materials, Studies have shown that it might help in cleaning heavy metals that tend to accumulate in body in different places, such as pesticides and industrial pollutants.

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6. Raised Physical Endurance and Energy Levels

According to a recent study, Matcha Powder helps to improve the physical endurance of the body by 24%. The presence of L-Theanine amino acids helps to retain this high endurance level for up to 6 hours or more. The natural store of nutrients helps to induce higher energy levels.

7. Strong and Functional Immune System

The Catechins in Matcha powder is full of antibiotic properties. Apart from fortifying the immune system and strengthen the body health, it also helps to protect from serious infections. The epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) helps to fight against viral, fungal and bacterial infections. The EGCG is powerful enough to bind with the lipid membranes of the body to prevent the growth of harmful pathogens like influenza A virus, Candida albicans, hepatitis B and C virus etc.

Catechins present in this powder have been revealed to possess antibiotic properties, which support the overall health of the body. In addition to a variety of Matcha benefits,a cup of this wonderful beverage gives considerable quantities of vitamin A, B-complex, C, E and K, selenium, chromium, zinc and magnesium Potassium, Protein, Calcium and Iron.

8. Good Source Natural Multi Nutrients

Another important Matcha Benefits is that during the consumption, you will be drinking the entire portion of the tea leaves. This is a good choice as the body receives 10 times nutrition you can get from a cup of green tea. Apart from minerals and antioxidants, the body receives the regular supply of vitamin A, B-complex, C, E and K. During the last three weeks before leaves are harvested to be made into powder , Camellia sinensis are covered to deprive them of sunlight, this causes an increase in chlorophyll production in the new growth of these plants. The resulting high levels of chlorophyll in this super food not only give this tea its beautiful green color.

9. Improves Cardiovascular Health

The EGCG in this amazing super food is excellent for protecting the cardiovascular tissues. It controls the growth of cholesterol levels in the arteries allowing the optimal functioning of the blood circulation in the entire body. It also controls the lipid accumulation while improving the autophagy. EGCG can be defined as food components useful for the maintenance of cardiovascular health, its activities inside your body can inhibit dihydrotestosterone activity. DHT plays a role in testosterone activity in the body. As you age, your testosterone production decrease, but DHT, a byproduct of testosterone, levels increase with age.

10. Cell Damage Reduction

The EGCG catechins are another notable group of antioxidants. This class of antioxidants helps to fight cancer. For this potent property, the dieticians recommend this organic tea as one of the best additions to the anti cancer diets. The EGCG prevents the formation of free radicals and protects the body from hazardous UV rays, pollution, toxic chemical concentration that often cause rapid cell damage.

About Redi Organic

The Redi Organic Matcha is the premium 100% USDA Certified Organic brand. The company is one of the leading sellers of high nutritional first harvest natural Matcha for over the years. The processing and packaging of the tea is conducted under utmost hygiene to preserve the food value keeping the nutrition intact. They follow the stone ground method to extract the tea powder out of the only few chosen hand picked leaves to retain the unmatched aroma and freshness.  


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