Our Journey

Located in Canada , Redi Organic is a family owned environmental friendly company with a mission to provide the best quality Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder to our numerous customers around the globe. Over the years, research have shown that organic matcha green tea is one of the nature’s purest gift to mankind considering the numerous Health Benefits derived from it. With this in mind, we offer a wild range of high quality, organic and natural products to customers for healthy living.

Bearing in mind the many health benefits Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder offers to mankind, it is logical for the tea to be very expensive. However, Redi Organic found a way to make the product affordable by partnering with the best organic farms. So you get the highest quality tea on a very low price when you buy from us. You are also assured of buying the best quality of any organic product ever.







Redi Organic was established out of passion to help you live healthy by providing the best quality organic matcha green tea powder and other organic products at a fair price. We have an exceptional customer service professionals that work 24/7 to assist you.

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